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K-1 Fiancée Visas

United States immigration law allows some fiancée’s of U.S. citizens to come to the United States for the purpose of marrying and getting permanent residence (green card). The law does require that the couple has met in person at least one time within the two years before the filing of the Fiancée visa. Contact U.S. immigration attorney Colorado Immigration Lawyer in Denver, Colorado today to make an appointment to discuss how she can help you obtain a K1 Fiancée visa

K-3 Marriage Visa

A spouse of a U.S. citizen residing abroad is typically eligible for a K3 visa. This is usually the most expeditious visa to reunite the U.S citizen with his spouse in the United States. Congress created the K3 visa to reduce the long wait that the U.S. citizen and their spouse experience while waiting for an immigrant visa. The K3 visa allows the spouse to enter the U.S. as a nonimmigrant, and they can then later apply for permanent resident status and obtain their green card. Contact U.S. immigration attorney Colorado Immigration Lawyer to make an appointment to discuss how she can help you obtain a K3 Marriage visa today.

Family Green Card

The United States immigration system is extremely complex. Colorado Immigration Lawyer  specializes in immigration through family members and marriage. Colorado Immigration Lawyer can successfully manage your immigration petition and application and obtain legal permanent resident status for your family member.

There are many advantages of permanent residency obtained through U.S. family members. Unlike many other types of visas, your educational background or work experience does not matter. Your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 are also in many cases eligible for green cards as derivative accompanying relatives. However, as will all green cards, it can be taken away if you misuse it- for example, you commit a crime, fail to advise USCIS of your change of address, or live outside of the U.S. for too long. But if you can successfully keep your green card for five years (3 years if you marry a U.S. citizen), then you can apply for U.S. citizenship.

You can apply for permanent residency (green card) through certain family members who are U.S, citizens or legal permanent residents. The time it takes immigration to process you case depends on your family member’s immigration status and their relationship to you. Family members who are considered “immediate relatives” for immigration purposes have visas immediately available to them. Immigration law classifies other family members as “preference relatives.” Preference relatives must wait for a visa to become available. Which “preference category” a family member falls under will determine how long the wait for the visa will be.

A United States citizen or a Legal Permanent resident may sponsor two types of family members:

  • Immediate Relatives (who can get green cards without worrying about numerical limits)
  • Preference Relatives (who are subject to yearly numerical limits and waiting periods).

US citizens may sponsor:

  • Parents, if the U.S. citizen is over 21 (immediate relatives);
  • Spouse (immediate relatives);
  • Children (immediate relative if the child is unmarried and under the age of 21); (preference relative if the child is married or unmarried and over the age of 21);
  • Brothers and Sisters (preference relative).

Legal Permanent Residents may sponsor:

  • Unmarried Children (preference relative)
  • Spouse (preference relative)
Type of Preference RelativePreference CategoryAverage Wait
Adult children of U.S. citizensFirst preferenceSix years
Spouses and children of LPRsSecond preferenceFive years for spouses and children under 21; nine years for children over 21
Married children of U.S. citizensThird preferenceSix years
Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizensFourth preference12 years

Note: The wait may be longer if the immigrant is from a country such as Mexico or the Philippines, because of the numbers of people who apply from those countries. Siblings of U.S. citizens from the Philippines currently wait a staggering 21 years.

Contact U.S. Colorado Immigration Lawyer to make an appointment to discuss how she can help you or your family member obtain legal permanent residence status today.

Marriage Green Card

Colorado Immigration Lawyer has successfully helped numerous couples obtain green cards and work permits through marriage. Attorney Bobbie C. Masters has the experience to help you and your spouse avoid any pitfalls which may arise with the complicated immigration bureaucracy.

A spouse of a United States citizen may apply for permanent resident status (green card) and obtain a work permit. If the spouse is living outside of the United States, the U.S, citizen may apply for a K3 visa which would allow the spouse to enter the United States and obtain permanent residency. If the couple is not yet married, the U.S. citizen may apply for a K1 visa in order to bring the fiancée to the United States for the purpose of marrying. Once the couple is married they can then apply for permanent resident status.

Because suspicions are so high regarding foreign nationals who marry U.S., they face extra hurdles in getting a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen. To obtain a green card you and your spouse must appear at an immigration interview with an USCIS officer. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the couple has a legitimate marriage. USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security have asserted that more than half the marriage applications they process are fake. As such, they are extremely careful about investigating marriage cases.

If you have been married for less than two years when your green card application is approved, then the permanent resident status is only conditional. These conditional green cards expire after two years. Approximately three months before they expire, you must apply to USCIS to have the conditions removed. If USCIS believes that the marriage is real, and not just for immigration purposes, you will receive a permanent green card.

As an experienced immigration attorney, Bobbie C. Masters can provide you with guidance and legal counsel you need to successfully guide you and your spouse through the immigration process. Although immigration forms may look simple, there are thousands of important details not explained in the instructions that can have significant consequences regarding your immigration case.

 Contact U.S. Colorado Immigration Lawyer in Denver, Colorado to make an appointment to discuss how we can help you or your spouse obtain legal permanent resident status today.